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Training and Professional Development Initiative

Martyr Trust Foundation and Syriatel offer 1000 young men and women training and skill development courses that enable them to start their careers.

For the training courses: they include specialized computer courses ICDL. The candidate is subject to an exam and will be awarded an ICDL specialization certificate after passing successfully, and this certificate is one of the basic certificates to help him/her start his/her practical life.

Courses also include English.

Note: The required number has been completed in this initiative. In case of re-availability of registration, we will inform you through one of our official channels.

Skills development: Presented by Syriatel team, it includes courses to develop personal, practical and managerial skills such as management skills, career planning, CV writing, presentation and presentation skills, effective communication skills, problem solving skills and decision making.

Applications can be submitted by clicking on the following link: or by visiting one of Syriatel’s points of service with the requireddocuments:

  • An official document from the Martyrs Office 
  • Family statement which proves the relationship between the applicant and the martyr
  • A copy of identity card
  • A copy of the last certificate obtained by the student (primary - secondary - university)

Syriatel team will contact all applicants to inform them of the status of their requests and the steps to be taken within a month of the request being submitted.

To enquire about working hours of Syriatel’s points of service, click on

Note: Only one member of the martyr’s family can benefit from one of the provided initiatives. The priority is given to martyrs’ sons and daughters.

For any inquiry, call 4444 for free

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