My Syriatel


Balance Gifting “Postpaid to Prepaid” service

This service enables postpaid customers to gift balance to any other Surf prepaid card or any of Ya Hala prepaid card (Classic, Seconds, Shabab or Aman).
BASMA – Children with Cancer support Association

BASMA – Children with Cancer support Association

Through this service you can donate for the Children with Cancer support Association- BASMA.

Beyond the News by Dr. Imad Fawzi Shueibi

“Beyond the News” is a news service that sheds light on what lies beyond the surface of news reports rather than the news coverage itself

Call Me Back Service

This service allows Syriatel postpaid customers whom their lines are into the soft suspension period

Car news service

Car news service enables All Syriatel customers to receive International and local car news on a daily basis, in text messages on their mobile handsets.