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App to Date

Info about the latest and most essential apps whether they are Syrian, Arabian or international apps with App to Date service.

Around the World Service

Do you have a passion for the world civilizations and cultures and everything related to it?

ATM Payment Services

The bill settlement service via ATM allows the customer to settle his post-paid line payments via ATMS of the commercial Bank of Syria and Real Estate Bank (REB), anytime and anywhere across Syria.

Balance Gifting to SURF Prepaid Cards

This service enables SURF prepaid cards to receive credit transferred from postpaid lines, Ya Hala Classic, Ya Hala Shabab or Ya Hala Thawani cards.

Balance Gifting Ya Hala to Ya Hala

This service enables Yahala Prepaid card customers (Classic, Seconds and Shabab) to gift balance to any other Surf prepaid card or any of Ya Hala card (Classic, Seconds, Shabab or Aman).