Voice Mail Service (VMS)


You will receive all your calls when you’re busy, out of reach, or can’t answer your cell phone. When you activate your voice mail service, the mailbox will answer your calls immediately and keep them accordingly so you can listen to them whenever you want.

Service Type:
Service type: 
Voice Solutions

Short Code:1777

Service Activation:
Calling 1777.

When you call 1777, you can press 8 to create your inbox, and then you can benefit from the following advantages:

The ability of creating a mailbox within the VMS

You should call 1777 from any cell phone, follow the instructions, choosing your own welcoming message, and then diverting your voice calls through the phone menu or using the following short codes; starting from righ to left:

Divert statusCommand
All voice call*21*1777#
If not answered*61*1777#
If busy*67*1777#
Deactivate divert#002#

 The customer can benefit from the following advatages:

  • Press (4) to record a welcoming message with your voice that the callers can hear it before leaving their voice messages; however; you can listen to the current welcoming message, delete it, and even record another one
  • Press (5) to choose the answer machine language ( English- Arabic)
  • Press (6) to register a name for the mailbox to be used instead of using the cell phone number when hearing the message details
  • Press (7) to change the mailbox password
  • Press (8) to get extra services

The ability of listening to the messages in the mailbox from any other number

  • the numbers from another Syriatel number by pressing (*) then (#) while listening to the welcoming message then entering your password.
  • You can call from a fixed line or any cell phone other then Syriatel customers to listen to the messages by entering the numbers, pressing (#), and then your password
  • You can listen to your voice mails when abroad by calling “0096393111777”


The call cost

SYP 9 per minute for postpaid lines and Ya Hala prepaid cards.

The VMS advatages:

  • Free subscription in the service
  • Simplicity
  • The number of the voice messages can reach till 15 messages, each one of them can be a 150 seconds duration
  • You can erase the messages after listening to them
  • You can set a personal welcoming message by recording a welcoming messages that’s
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