Switching Between SURF Postpaid Packages


Syriatel offers postpaid SURF customers fast and easy ways to switch between SURF packages in the comfort of their homes.

All you have to do is to visit My Syriatel website or dial *200# and choose one of the packages that you wish to switch to.
The available packages are:

  1. Light Usage (100 MB)
  2. Light Usage (250 MB)
  3. Light Usage (1GB)

Also the new feature of *200# enables you if you have SURF students or teachers line to swap easily between two special packages:

  1. 2GB students& teachers
  2. 4GB students & teachers
  • You will benefit from your new package as soon as the bill cycle of your current package is closed.
  • Customers cannot switch their package or cancel a switch request on their line between 11:00 pm from the last day of bill cycle and 3:00 am from the first day of bill cycle “during 4 hours”

This feature is free of charge.

  • When you switch a package through My Syriatel, your SURF line will receive a message including a verification code that you will need in order to complete the operation.
  • To switch package through the free short code *200#, insert SURF postpaid card into a handset compatible with 3G services and dial *200#.
  • If a customer has requested to switch his/her package more than once, only the last action before the bill cycle is closed will be considered 
  • Hard-suspended or soft-suspended SURF lines will not be able to benefit from this feature.
  • This feature is available to all SURF postpaid lines except non-Syrians, corporate 3G lines, and SURF prepaid cards.
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