Block the unwanted incoming calls without switching off your mobile phone and missing your important calls when you subscribe to the Stop service.

This service allows you to block 5 numbers that could be local mobile numbers or landline ones, and it’s available to all Syriatel customers.

Short Code:1557

Service Activation:
  1. To subscribe for one month, text 'act' to 1557.
  2. To subscribe for 6 months, text 'act 6' to 1557.
  3. To subscribe for 12 months, text 'act 12' to 1557.
Service Deactivation:

To deactivate the service, text  'deact' to 1557.

Service Subscription:

After activating the service, you can block or modify the unwanted incoming calls through:

 Also, through calling 1557, you can choose the dial tone which will be listened by the black listed callers as the following:

  1. The dialed number does not exist.
  2. Reject the call automatically.
  3. The dialed number is busy.


The monthly subscription costs SYP 50.
To save up to 50%, subscribe to the service for 6 months for SYP 200, or subscribe for 12 months for SYP 300.
SMS to 1557 is free of charge.
Call cost to 1557 is SYP 9 per minute for postpaid lines and Ya Hala prepaid customers.

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