Block the unwanted incoming calls without switching off your mobile phone and missing your important calls when you activate Stop service.

This service allows you to block 5 numbers that could be local mobile numbers or landline ones, and it’s available to all Syriatel customers except Ya-Hala Aman cards.

Short Code:1557

Service Activation:

You can activate the service through:

  • Free code *157#
  • ‘AkrabElik’ Application
  • Using My Syriatel
  • Sending SMS to 1557 as below:
  1. To activate for one month, send 'act' to 1557.
  2. To activate for 6 months, send 'act 6' to 1557.
  3. To activate for 12 months, send 'act 12' to 1557.
Service Deactivation:

To deactivate the service:

  • Free code *157#
  • AkrabElik’ Application
  • Using My Syriatel
  • Send ’deact’ to 1557.
Service Subscription:

After activating the service, you can block or modify the unwanted incoming calls through:

  • Visiting My Syriatel.
  • Using ‘AkrabElik’ Application
  • Calling 1557 and following the interactive voice response.

- If you add or delete the numbers that you want to block via My Syriatel or ‘AkrabElik’ Application, the reply method will automatically be selected as “Reject the call automatically”

 Also, through calling 1557, you can choose the dial tone which will be listened by the black listed callers as the following:

  1. The dialed number does not exist.
  2. Reject the call automatically.
  3. The dialed number is busy.


Noting that if you choose the "The dialed number does not exist" tone, you will receive a message includes the dialing attempts from the number you have blocked, but if you choose other methods, you will not receive a message informing you of the dialing attempts.


The monthly activation costs 50 SYP
To save up to 50%, activate the service for 6 months for 200 SYP, or activate it for 12 months for 300 SYP.
SMS to 1557 is free of charge.
Call cost to 1557 is 9 SYP per minute.

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