SMS Roaming


Enjoy sending and receiving SMSs from\to all over the world while roaming outside Syria.

This service is available to prepaid and postpaid customers.

To find out more about the countries that Syriatel has roaming contract with, please click on the below link:

Short Code:1415

Service Activation:
Service Deactivation:

Postpaid Lines:

To deactivate, text 'DEACT' to 1415.
After that, you have to cancel your monthly subscription by dialing 111 or visiting one of Syriatel points of service.

Prepaid Cards:

To deactivate, text 'DEACT' to 1415.



Postpaid Lines:

Monthly subscription costs SYP 50.

Prepaid Cards:

This service is free of charge.

Locally: The customer can receive and send local calls and SMS, in addition to the possibility of surfing the Internet.

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