SCS Vouchers

The customer will get the SCS internet vouchers without any additional value (as the original price).

Service Type:
Service type: 

Short Code:1955

Service Activation:
Send an SMS contains one of the following orders

To receive internet vouchers
Available vouchersorder
12.5 hours100 hours
To pay the SCS subscription invoices
Available vouchersorder
Pay 250 subscription invoiceBill 250
Pay 500 subscription invoiceBill 500
Pay 600 subscription invoiceBill 600
Pay 950 subscription invoiceBill 950
Pay 1350 subscription invoiceBill 1350
Pay 2100 subscription invoiceBill 2100

As soon as the request is done, the customer will receive a confirming SMS contains "user name" and "password" for the cards he requested


SMS to the short code 1955 is free of charge.

 SCS Vouchers Category & PriceEnd User total Cost
Pre-paid cards100 SYP100 SYP
250 SYP250 SYP
950 SYP950 SYP
1350 SYP1350 SYP
2100 SYP2100 SYP
Post-paid lines100 SYP100 SYP
250 SYP250 SYP
500 SYP500 SYP
600 SYP600 SYP
950 SYP950 SYP
1350 SYP1350 SYP
2100 SYP2100 SYP


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