Ring back Tone Service

This service enables both 2G & 3G customers to replace the traditional ring tone with a customized one, it might be music or a song or even a joke.

Service Type:
Service type: 
Monthly Subscription

Short Code:1333

Service Activation:
  • Dial 1333 and follow the IVR instructions
  • Send an SMS to 1333 contains:

“RBT” to subscribe with RBT service
“Add” followed by RBT code to add new song (example:Add1004010749 )

  • Copy songs that Syriatel customers have as ring back tone, by simply pressing 1 and then # while listening to the tone. Within minutes, the same song will become the default ring back tone.

Seeking to provide the best high-quality and easy-to-use services, we present "Hang Up SMS" the new feature from RBT Service. With this feature and after calling any Syriatel number; you will receive an SMS from 1636 that includes the details of the RBT you heard while calling that number, and to which you can reply with the number 1 to immediately download the same RBT to your number.
SMS cost is 10 SYP.

The RBT can be activated monthly or weekly.

How to subscribe and control your RBTs through:


Add a new song

  1. Press 1 from the main menu to choose new RBT
  2. Press 2 to dedicate new RBT 
  3. Press 3 to manage RBT 
  4. Press 0 for help or to cancel the service

To control your RBTs in your music box, press 3 from the root menu and select one of the following options

  1. All caller “normal RBT”
  2. To Specific caller “personalized RBT”
  3. To group of callers “personalized RBT for group of callers”


Add songAdd1004011146
New songsNew
Send RBT to another customerSend1004011146 933222111
Delete RBTDelete 1004011146
Temporarily pause the servicePause
Reactivate the serviceactivate

To send any RBT to another customer, you can only call 1333, browse the RBTs or insert the RBT code directly then the other customer cell phone GSM formulated of 9 digits e.g. 933123456

Service Deactivation:
  1. Call 1333 and follow the answer machine instructions; you should have the song code
  2. Send an SMS to 1333 ( delete1004010749)
  3. Visit Syriatel website rbt.syriatel.sy


SMS cost

  • 10 SYP per SMS

Call cost

  • 10 SYP per minute

RBT price

  • 35 for monthly RBT
  • 10 for weekly RBT

RBTs will be automatically renewed.

You can add up to 50 RBTs to your music box.

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