Reserve Credit Service


With Reserve Credit service from Syriatel, you can benefit from extra credit up to 40 SYP when you’re out of credit. The extra credit can be used to make calls, send SMSs and use mobile data.

This service is available for prepaid cards (YaHala – SURF ) customers, provided that the card’s first recharging action has been done since 90 days at least.

Service Activation:

You can benefit from the service by dialing the free short code *188# or sending A to 1889, and you can check your consumption of the extra credit by dialing the short code *100#


The service fee is 10 SYP, which is deducted along with the extra credit value at the first recharging action (once the card is recharged) or at receiving gifted balance from another Syriatel number.

The Reserve Credit does not expire.

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