Push Email Service


The customer will be informed with every incoming e- mail through an SMS or a link sent to his cell phone.

The customer can control his account as follows:

  1. Add new e- mail accounts ( up to 10 account)
  2. Chose your e- mail provider (Gmail, hotmail… etc)
  3. Enter your complete e- mail address e.g username@hotmail.com
  4. Enter your e- mail password
  5. Your e- mail will be added when the registration process is completed
  6. You can control your account through the link "http://pushmail.syriatel.sy/accounts/

Service Type:
Service type: 
Data Solutions
Monthly Subscription

Service Requirements:

Short Code:1060

Service Activation:
  • Send a free SMS to 1060 containing (act or sub) to 1060.
  • An SMS will be sent to the customer’s cell phone contains a link the customer can use to activate his main account by entering a user name ( his cell phone GSM) and any chosen password of his own then press register.

This service enables you to:

  1. Compose a new mail send a reply to a specific e- mail address send reply to all, and forward e- mails
  2. View attachments
  3. Control the times you want the SMSs to be sent to you
  4. Control your incoming e- mails: block/ unblock e- mails from certain e- mail addresses
  5. Change your mail account password

Service Deactivation:
Send a free SMS to 1060 contains (deact or unsub)


Monthly Fee: SYP 75
The GPRS cost is counted on the size of data sent and received as follows: (SYP 0.90 / 30kb)

  • The customer will be directed to the last e- mail address registered when you press on an old link your received
  • I Phone, HTC, Blackberry, I mate don't support the service.
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