Mobile Devices Declaration Service


Within the national campaign "Your device is your responsibility" that was launched by the Ministry of Communications and Syrian Telecommunications and Postal Regulatory Authority, which aims to limit the unauthorized entry of devices to the Syrian Arab Republic (each device has IMEI number) and to protect citizens from the consequences of using non-reliable devices, non-conforming to international standards, quality and safety standards also to help them protect their data and privacy.

Customers who have used their devices for the first time after 23/6/2016 and their fees haven’t been paid, can use this service to authorize these devices if it was permitted to be declared or they will be automatically blocked.

The customers will be given a period of authorization (45 days) otherwise their devices won’t be able to be used on Syrian networks, noting that the devices will return to work automatically after the declaration.

The declaration fees can be paid after dialing *134# and following the steps of Ya Hala prepaid cards, postpaid lines and SURF through Abili service, Kiosks, or by visiting one of Syriatel points of Service, noting that it is determined according to 4 categories divided based on the device specifications and in accordance with  import duties of cellular devices through the Customs Directorate.

  • You can find out the amount to be paid for declaration by dialing the code *134#, or by visiting one of Syriatel points of service
  • You can check your device's identification number (IMEI) by dialing *#06#, or by checking mobile packaging box where it’s printed, or through mobile settings.


The declaration fees for postpaid lines customers, prepaid cards customers determined according to categories system:

  1. 15,000 SYP for the first category
  2. 30,000 SYP for the second category
  3. 60,000 SYP for the third category
  4. 75,000 SYP for the fourth category

  • Corporate postpaid lines customers cannot use the free code *134# from their lines, nevertheless, they can declare the devices using the same code from any other Syriatel number, or by visiting one of Syriatel points of service and paying declaration fees in cash.
  • You can check whether your device has access to the Syrian telecommunication networks by dialing the free code *134#, or by visiting
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