Lottery on Your Mobile Phone


Try your luck using your lucky number or any other random number to win one of the monthly draws from Syriatel..

Great prizes await you!

Service Activation

You can subscribe to the electronic lottery by:

1- Sending SMS to 1440

  • Send your lucky number that consists of 5 digits to 1440
  • SMSs to 1440 are for free

2- Or dialing the free code *144#

A list will appear upon dialing *144#, from which you can choose the way of booking the ticket:

  • By your lucky number: you can add your lucky number (or more than one number), and the program will show the suggested numbers for you to book.
  • By date: you have to enter the date as follows (day, month, year).
  • By a random number: a random number will be chosen by the program.

Prizes Value:

The 16.075 prizes that will be provided are worth of 5.000.000 SYP.


Draw MethodPrizes ValueNumber of PrizesPrizePrize Type
5 Wheels - One cycle999,999 SYP1999,999 SYPCash
5 Wheels - 10 Cycles1,000,000 SYP10100,000 SYPCash
5 Wheels - 8 Cycles400,000 SYP850,000 SYPCash
5 Wheels - 6 Cycles150,000 SYP625,000 SYPBalance
4 Wheels - 5 Cycles50,000 SYP501000 SYPBalance
3 Wheels - 5 Cycles250,000 SYP500500 SYPBalance
3 Wheels - 5 Cycles150,000 ل.س500300 SYPBalance
2 Wheels - 5 Cycles1,000,000 ل.س5,000200 SYPBalance
One Wheel - One Cycle1,000,000 ل.س10,000100 SYPBalance 

How to check the ticket status:

You can check the ticket status by dialing the free code *144# then choosing “Ticket Status” and entering the required info.


  • Several versions of “Lottery on Your Mobile Phone” are annually launched in accordance with the decision issued by the Public Establishment for International Fairs and Exhibitions.
  • Each version’s draw is conducted on the defined date according to a decision issued by the Public Establishment for International Fairs and Exhibitions.
  • Once a ticket’s number is chosen; the customer’s number, his ticket’s number or tickets’ numbers (in case he purchased more than one ticket) are shown on the website allocated for the lottery.
  • Purchasing lottery tickets’ numbers will be stopped at a certain time before the draw starts (hour – minute - second) and no other tickets’ numbers can be added afterwards.
  • The draw will be broadcasted on the Syrian Satellite Channel on TV, under the supervision of the Public Establishment for International Fairs and Exhibitions.


For postpaid lines and prepaid cards: the ticket price is 100 SYP.
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