I Clip Service

I-Clip Service provides all Syriatel customers with the summary of attempted incoming calls, while the line is (out of the coverage , unreachable, Busy,…etc). Also they can reply the calls by auto reply messages .

Service Type:
Service type: 
Monthly Subscription

Short Code:1757

Service Activation:
  • Send an SMS to 1757 contains “act”

you should activate the service divert mode on your handset or by dialing directly the following short codes:

Divert modeOrder
All voice calls*21*1757#
No reply*61*1757#
Out of the coverage*62*1757#
If busy*67*1757#
Cancel all diverts#002#
  • In case of choosing “No reply”, you can determine the ringtone duration before diverting the call.

    Choosing ringtone durationTo order starting from the star  
    The duration of the ringtone should be one of the options 5-10-15-20-25-30 seconds*61*1757**ringtone duration#


  • Through Akrab Elik application.
  • Through MySyriatel website.
  • Dailing the short code *111#

I CLIP service per request:

Customers can know the callers’ numbers while they are unreachable or their lines are out of coverage area by diverting their calls to 1757 without having I-CLIP monthly subscription.

The customer will receive an SMS with number of missed calls when his line is back to the network.

To know all missed numbers he should send the “C” letter to the short code 1957 one by one.

Service Deactivation:
  1. Send an SMS to 1757 contains “deact”.
  2. Through Akrab Elik application.
  3. Through MySyriatel website.
  4. Dailing the short code *111#
Service Subscription:
  • Auto Reply message
  • Private Auto Reply

Auto Reply message

This feature enables you to identify the text up to your callers when you divert your calls to the ICLIP service

  • by sending an SMS to 1757 with the text you want conveyed to your callers
  • To cancel the auto reply message by sending a Blank  message to the short code 1757.

Private Auto Reply

  • To activate the Private Auto Reply Feature, you have to send an SMS to the short code 1757 with the required number then space then the required text


09XXXXXXXX I’m in a meeting
09XXXXXXXX Dear Fadi, call me later

  • To cancel the Private Auto Reply message for a definite GSM number, send an SMS to 1757 with the GSM number only.
  • To cancel the Private Auto Reply message for all GSM numbers, send an SMS to 1757 with one of the following commands: (D, Del or Delete).



For Post Paid Lines:

  • Monthly subscription Fee (I-Clip): SYP 100
  • SMS to 1757: SYP 4
  • SMS to 1957: SYP 3

For Prepaid Cards (YaHala- SURF):

  • Monthly subscription Fee (I-Clip): SYP 100 
  • SMS to 1757: SYP 6
  • SMS to 1957: SYP 3

  • Auto Reply message Should be (70 Arabic characters or 160 English characters maximum that can’t be the auto-reply message contained of two parts - two letters)
  • Also you can specify one or more private auto reply SMS beside specifying the normal auto reply SMS.
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