GPRS service


With GPRS service your are able to stay connected to the internet and updated to your e- mail on your own phone  anywhere and anytime.

Service Type:
Service type: 
Data Solutions

Short Code:1211

Service Activation:

The service can be activated by: 

Service Deactivation:

The service can be deactivated by sending SMS containing “Cancel GPRS” to the short code 1211.
The SMS cost is SYP 4 for postpaid customers and SYP 6 for Ya Hala customers.

Service Subscription:
When the service is activated, you will receive an SMS containing the settings which should be saved by your side in order to browse the internet.

This service enables you to:

  • Browse the WEB or WAP sites (according to the handset).
  • Browse different websites in the world wide web
  • Chatting and e- mailing
  • Browse the internet using the computer by connecting the mobile handset to the computer and using it as a modem.
  • Downloading the latest clips, ringtones, and applications.


There’s no monthly fees on the service; the cost is counted according to the size of data exchanged as follows: SYP 0.90 /30 K.B

To restrict background data for Android devices, please follow the steps in the video available here
To restrict background data for iPhone devices, please follow the steps in the available here

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