Friends & Family

It enables postpaid customers to call 5 Syriatel cell phones GSMs in addition to two fixed lines with a slighter cost. the call cost to any of the Friends & family listed cell phone GSMs will be SYP 9.5 instead of SYP 11 for Syriatel customers and 12.5 SYP instead of 14 SYP for the fixed lines.

Service Type:
Service type: 
Voice Solutions

Short Code:1599

Service Activation:

call 1599:

  1. Request the currently added numbers
  2. Add new numbers
  3. Replace numbers
  4. Delete one or all the current numbers



Requested ActionCommand
Check the listany
Add a new number to the list*0933XXXXXX or *011XXXXXXX

Syriatel website:

 the electronic point of service, there’s a control panel for the friends & family service

Service Deactivation:
  1.  Call 1599; when choosing (4) to delete one number or all the listed numbers
  2. Send SMSs to 1599
Requested ActionCommand
Delete one number#0933XXXXXX or #011XXXXXXX
Delete all numbers#

3. Syriatel

  • Call cost to 1599 is 10 SYP/ minute
  • SMS cost to 1599 is 10 SYP/ SMS

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