Fax Service

The customer can send and receive faxes on their mobile handsets, PC or laptops connected to their cell phones. The service has been developed to enable the customer to have fax number a different from his own, so he can send /receive faxes to and from fixed lines numbers or to other cell phone GSMs subscribed in the fax service.

Service Type:
Service type: 
Data Solutions
Monthly Subscription

Service Activation:
Visit the nearest Syriatel point of service.


Service monthly cost is 200 SYP/ month

  • Call cost to any fax fixed line numbers is 4 SYP/ minute
  • Call cost to any fax cell phone numbers is 5 SYP/ minute

  • The customer’s handset should support the fax service
  • The customer can send faxes to international number if he has the international service.
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