Do It Yourself / DIY

This new feature from RBT Service enables the customer to record an RBT he performs himself (recording his own voice) to be allocated to his number only.
Short Code:1667

Service Activation:

The customer can record any audio file with his own voice to be his RBT by dialing 1667 and following IVR steps, and can also upload the audio file he performed by visiting RBT website, taking into his consideration the following conditions:

  • He should not use or upload bad words, religious or political comments, whether in the RBT file or name.
  • He should not use or upload any non-moral content or content abusing public figures, whether in the RBT file or name.
  • The record should be clear enough.
  • To consider the copyrights of RBT Service content.
  • RBT File Conditions:


Sample Rate8000 Hz
Bit depth8-bit
SizeMaximum 0.5 MB
DurationMaximum 1 minute

In case any of the above mentioned conditions were not taken into consideration, the audio file will be rejected.

In case the audio file is approved, the customer will be informed by a message, and then it will be set as his general RBT by default.

Noting that the RBT is going to be monthly and automatically renewed.


For Postpaid lines & Prepaid cards:

  • The tariff of calling 1667 is 10 SYP per minute.
  • The RBT cost is 35 SYP monthly.
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