Call Me Back Service

This service allows Syriatel postpaid customers whom their lines are into the soft suspension period, and Prepaid customers whom they have no enough balance in their cards to make a call (less than SYP 16 or in the grace period) to send a free auto SMS to another Syriatel customer to call him back.

Service Type:
Service type: 
Voice Solutions

Service Activation:
dial *110*the GSM number you want it to call you back then# and press the dial key. Ex: *110*0933222111#call

This service is free and available for the following customers:

  • Yahala prepaid customers whom they have balance less than SYP 16 in their cards.
  • Yahala prepaid customers whom their cards are in the grace period.
  • Syriatel postpaid customers whom their lines are in soft suspension period.
  • customers can send 10 requests maximum per day.

free of charge

The customer you sent the free request to him will receive an SMS from your number with ”please call me back” in Arabic
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