Balance Gifting to SURF Prepaid Cards

This service enables SURF prepaid cards to receive credit transferred from postpaid lines, Ya Hala Classic, Ya Hala Shabab or Ya Hala Thawani cards.

Service Type:
Service type: 

Short Code:1233

Service Activation:

The credit could be transferred to SURF prepaid card by:

  1. Sending an SMS to 1233 containing the SURF prepaid card number you wish to transfer credit to, followed by a space then the amount of the transferred credit.
  2. Calling 1233 and following the interactive voice response.
  3. Using My Syriatel.

The customer will receive an SMS notifying him whether the transaction succeeded or not.


The fee is 10 SYP per each successful transaction whether it was through texting or calling 1233 or Through My Syriatel.

  • The transferred amount from postpaid lines can be either SYP 75, SYP 100, SYP 150 or SYP 200. The maximum accumulated transferred amount is SYP 400 for normal postpaid lines and SYP 800 for VIP postpaid lines.
  • The transferred amount from Ya Hala Classic, Ya Hala Shabab or Ya Hala Thawani can start from SYP 1 to SYP 200.
  • It is possible to gift balance to Surf prepaid cards, which are in the grace period, while it is not possible to gift balance to cards in the deactivation period.
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