ATM Payment Services

Customers can settle their line bills through commercial Bank of Syria and Real Estate Bank (REB).

Service Type:
Service type: 

Service Activation:

Via the ATM commercial Bank of Syria and Real Estate Bank (REB)

  • On the ATM screen, you will find the option “services”
  • After selecting the option "Service" press "Pay Bills" button then "Syriatel" you will be asked to enter your GSM number preceded by the network code (example: 0933123456) and to confirm it
  • Enter the IVR number related to your postpaid GSM, and if it is not available, you can get it by calling Syriatel customer Service center on  111.
  • After entering the IVR number, the amount of the bill will show on the screen. Once you confirm paying the bill, and the settlement operation is complete, you will receive a notification of its success from the ATM.

The transaction fees predefined by the bank will be deducted from your bank account for each recharge or bill payment operation.
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