Around the World Service


Do you have a passion for the world civilizations and cultures and everything related to it?
Are you a lover of festivals and shopping malls?
Do you have an interest in archaeological areas?

Around The World service provides you with these information and more to discover the world through daily SMSs and MMSs

Short Code:1782

Service Activation:

By sending 1 to 1782.

Service Deactivation:

By sending C to 1782.


For post paid lines:

Subscription and deactivation SMS costs SYP 4 
Service cost is 75 SYP for postpaid customers on a monthly basis.

For prepaid cards:

Subscription and deactivation SMS costs SYP 6 
Service cost is 25 SYP for prepaid customers on a weekly basis.

This service is currently available in Arabic language
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