Abili Fatora


What is “Abili Fatoura” service:

It is a service that enables Syriatel post paid customers of paying their lines’ bills through Abili Fatoura outlets .
Abili Fatoura outlets are available in all Syrian’s areas .

How to pay the invoice through Abili Fatoura :

Customers should visit one of Syriatel’s sub dealers and provide him with the GSM he needs to pay for , or its PIN number . Sub dealer will deliver the balance that customer has chosen before  without adding any extra tariffs to the price of the delivered balance .
After completing the process successfully, customer will receive a confirmation SMS .

For the list of sub dealers, click here

Service Type:
Service type: 


According to your bill

Note: Customers can get his PIN number by inserting the following instructions (from left to right): *150*50# then pressing the call key.
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