Ya Hala Classic Prepaid Card


We are pleased to introduce to you Ya Hala, the Prepaid Card from Syriatel, an easy-to-use, hassle-free, and reliable GSM service, offering you the quality and efficiency of the Syriatel network.

By choosing Ya Hala Prepaid Card, you:

  • Acquire a GSM prepaid mobile service hassle-free.
  • Can make calls without worrying about bills, deposits and monthly fees.
  • Have the quality guarantee of the Syriatel network covering all the populated areas in Syria.
  • Can make both national and international calls.
  • Can control your spending on mobile calls.
  • Benefit from Syriatel professional Customer Service centre (free of charge and available around the clock, 7 days a week)
  • Enjoy several value-added services (Clip, SMS, Call Waiting, Voice Mail Service, Voice SMS, and Internet on your mobile "GPRS", Balance Gifting service and International calls).

Getting Started

The Ya Hala SIM card included in your pack is empty of any balance therefore you will need to recharge it with a minimum of SYP 40, in order to charge your account.

After charging your Ya Hala card and upon making your first call, a voice message will inform you of your GSM number.

Charging Your Card

Ya Hala prepaid card offers you a variety of denominations that meet your needs and budget. Customers can inquire about the available denominations and their tax-inclusive prices by:

  • dialing the free short code *199#
  • visiting this webpage click here

Recharging methods:

By Abili service: click here for more information about Abili service

Account Status

by dialing *100# (for free).

Ya Hala Card Life Cycle

Life time Validity

You can keep your Ya Hala card active for life time as long the card get used once at least every 90 days.

  • charging balance,
  • making call
  • sending SMS
  • using the free pieces in the Shabab bonus account, using GPRS, sending MMS, subscribing to one of Syriatel paid services.

Grace Period

Your Ya Hala card will enter the grace period (5 days)

Ya Hala card will be active again by performing one of the following actions:

  • Sending SMS
  • Recharging the card with balance

Deactivation period

If you don’t send SMS or reactivate your Ya Hala card during the 5 days of the grace period, it will enter the deactivation period and you will be able to receive SMS only during this period.

Reactivate your Ya Hala card

You can reactivate your Ya Hala card and keep the same GSM number, by using one of the following methods, within 90 days after the end of the grace period:

  1. Reactivation by using ABILI service, by recharging with SYP 100 or more.
  2. Reactivation by using the remaining balance through dialing the free short code 1237 and follows the instructions.

    Please note that the minimum required balance is SYP 75.

  3. Also, you can reactivate your card by visiting any Point of Service.  

The fee of reactivating your card is SYP 50


In case you haven’t reactivated your Ya Hala card during the deactivation period (90 days) the card will be terminated.

Activation feeFree
Reactivation fee (to reactivate the deactivated line)SYP 50
Note: Taxes are not included
Free ServicesMonthly Subscription
CLIP service (Calling Line Identification Presentation)Free
SMS (Short Message Service)Free
Call waiting serviceFree
Call conference serviceFree
Call divert serviceFree
Voice SMSFree
Cell broadcast service - CBSFree
SMS in Grace PeriodFree
Note: customers are charged for using the services whose monthly subscriptions are free of charge.
Basic Charged ServicesMonthly Subscription
ICLIP service (Intelligent Calling Line Identification Presentation)SYP 100
Facility ServicesFee
SIM change serviceSYP 198
Change of ownership serviceFree
Migration service from a prepaid to a postpaid lineSYP 100 + SYP 276 fiscal stamps + SYP 2500 new postpaid line deposit
Note: Taxes are not included
Data ServicesMonthly Subscription
MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service)Free
GPRS serviceFree
Note: customers are charged for using the services whose monthly subscriptions are free of charge.
Normal TariffCost per Minute
From mobile to mobileSYP 13
From mobile to landlineSYP 16
Happy Friday Hours (From 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.)Cost per Minute
From mobile to mobileSYP 11
From mobile to landlineSYP 14
Local SMSSYP 6
International SMSSYP 20
Local MMSSYP 10
International MMSSYP 20
GPRS service (30KB)SYP 0.90

Click here to know how to migrate your card to Ya Hala Classic


  • Stamps worth SYP 40 will be added to each receipt if the paid amount is between SYP 101 and SYP 500
  • Stamps worth SYP 70 will be added to each receipt if the paid amount is more than SYP 500

International Tariff:

Click here to view the table of the international tariffs

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