Syriatel Postpaid


Syriatel Postpaid Subscription

By choosing Syriatel Postpaid subscription, you are choosing the privileged subscription giving you access to a wide variety of Value Added Services catered to meet your different needs whether business or entertainment.

A nationwide network of Points of Service would provide you with the highest standards of customer service; in addition to our Customer Service Team that is available to you 24/7 to answer all your inquiries and requests. You can reach us at 111 from any Syriatel line or 093222111 from any other line.

Upon your subscription, you will receive a pack containing:

  • SIM Card: is the link between your phone and Syriatel GSM network, enabling you to receive and initiate calls and to benefit from the offered value added services.
  • Five free (of monthly subscription) Services: SMS, Voice Mail, Call waiting, Call Conference, Call Divert.
  • User Guide: providing you with all the information you need to know about your mobile line and the available services

Subscription Conditions

All you have to do is to visit one of Syriatel Points of Service to fill in a contract and provide us with the necessary documents:
For Syrian Nationals:

  • ID

For Non-Syrians:

  • ID or Passport
  • Deposit of the amount of SYP 2500  

For Minors:

  • ID
  • The Family's ID
  • A document signed by the guardian confirming his/her guarantee to support any future financial liabilities as well as his/her ID
  • Personal presence for both the minor and guardian with his ID is a must.

For Companies, Ministries, Embassies and Public Institutions:

  • The Commercial Registration of the company
  • The contact person's ID and the lines' users ID's
  • An official letter stating: the number of GSM lines, a contact person for the contract, the users' names and a guarantee of payment from the company.

Tariffs & Subscriptions

Fees & Deposits
Activation fee250 SYP + 300 SYP stamps
Activation fee (Corporate)250 SYP + 1150 SYP stamps
New subscription deposit2500 SYP
Monthly subscription fee400 SYP
Late payment fee208 SYP
Local deposit for foreigners2500 SYP
International access deposit for Syrians5000 SYP
International access deposit for foreigners10000 SYP
Free ServicesMonthly Subscription
SMS (Short Messaging Service)Free
Call waiting serviceFree
Call conference serviceFree
Call divert serviceFree
VMS (Voice Mailbox Service)Free
Voice SMSFree
Cell broadcast service - CBSFree
Note: customers are charged for using the services whose monthly subscriptions are free of charge (except Cell broadcast service – CBS)
Basic Charged ServicesMonthly Subscription
CLIP service (Calling Line Identification Presentation)50 SYP
ICLIP service (Intelligent Calling Line Identification Presentation)100 SYP
Itemized bill and immediate itemized bill services60 SYP
Call barring service50 SYP
CLIR service (Calling Line Identification Restriction)1500 SYP
Facility ServicesFee
Change of number service100 SYP
Change of ownership service100 SYP + 346 SYP stamps
SIM change service198 SYP
Temporary suspension service50 SYP per month instead of the monthly subscription fee
Migration service from a postpaid to a prepaid card100 SYP + the charged denomination price
Note: Taxes are not included
Data ServicesFee
MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service)Free
GPRS (General Packet Radio Service)Free
Data serviceFree
Fax multi-numbering service200 SYP
Note: customers are charged for using the above mentioned services (except Fax multi-numbering service)
Invoice InquiryMinute or Message Cost
Dialing 1016.5 SYP
Visiting Syriatel websiteFree
Calling Tariffs
Normal Tariff (9 a.m. - 1 a.m.)Cost per Minute
From mobile to mobile11 SYP
From mobile to landline14 SYP
Off-Peak Tariff (1 a.m. - 9 a.m.)Cost per Minute
From mobile to mobile9.5 SYP
From mobile to landline12.5 SYP
Happy Friday Hours (6 a.m. - 6 p.m.)Cost per Minute
From mobile to mobile9 SYP
From mobile to landline12 SYP
Messaging Tariffs
Local SMS (Short Message Service)4 SYP per SMS
International SMS20 SYP per SMS
Local MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service)10 SYP (1 - 512 KB)
International MMS20 SYP (1 - 512 KB)
A picture message which exceeds 512 KB  is usually sent in two to three parts (upon message volume), and is rated as multi messages according to the number of parts.
Internet browsing via GPRS service0.90 SYP per each 30 KB

Click here to view the international tariffs table


  • Stamps worth SYP 40 will be added to each receipt if the paid amount is between SYP 101 and SYP 500
  • Stamps worth SYP 70 will be added to each receipt if the paid amount is between SYP 501 and SYP 3000
  • Stamps worth SYP 130 will be added to each receipt if the paid amount is more than SYP 3000

Payment method:

To know how can you pay your invoice please click the link

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