SURF Postpaid Line


More Data... Less Cost

Through SURF postpaid line, stay connected wherever you are and explore the internet at high speed connection. Its packages are designed to meet the needs of all internet users. 

SURF postpaid line enables you also to send and receive local short messages (SMS) at a cost of 6 SYP per SMS.

P.S. Activating SMSs’ bundles or sending SMS to activate short code services is not available for SURF line.

Now with Smart SURF.. you can benefit from the distinctive solutions once the volume of the internet package activated on your postpaid line ends, as you will receive an SMS including a free link to Smart SURF page and a free code *201# to choose the option that suits you the best otherwise Internet usage on line will be stopped until the start of the next billing cycle.

For more details, please visit the following link:

To can switch between SURF packages:

  1. By dialing the free short code *200#,
  2. Through Akrab Elik application.
  3. Through MySyriatel website.

Normal Packages:

PackagesMonthly VolumePrice

 Light Usage

100 MBSYP 685
250 MBSYP 1,375
1 GBSYP 2,750
2 GBSYP 4,100
Medium Usage3 GBSYP 5,500
6 GBSYP 7,300
12 GBSYP 13,700
Heavy  Usage35 GBSYP 18,300
UnlimitedSYP 36,600

Students & Teachers Package:

PackagesMonthly VolumePrice

Students & Teachers

2 GBSYP 2,750
4 GBSYP 3,650

Syndicate Package:

PackagesMonthly  VolumePrice
Syndicate4 GBSYP 5,500

Journalists Packages:

PackagesMonthly  VolumePrice
Journalists6 GB2,500 SYP
10 GB4,000 SYP
15 GB6,000 SYP

Corporate Packages:

4 GB4,550 SYP 

30 days for prepaid cards

and till the end of bill cycle for postpaid

6 GB5,550 SYP 
10 GB7,300 SYP
15 GB9,100 SYP 
25 GB12,800 SYP 
50 GB16,500 SYP 



  • You will be charged SYP 0.16 per 30 KB from your line activation date to the beginning of your bill cycle.
  • You will be charged SYP 0.33 per 30 KB when exceeding the data limit of the selected package.
  • You will be charged SYP  0.16 per 30 KB when exceeding the data limit of the 35 GB package.
  • SURF Unlimited package is subject to the fair use policy; you will be charged SYP 0.16 per 30 KB when exceeding 100 GB in one month. 

  • The cost of new SURF postpaid SIM is SYP 306. 
  • Stamps worth SYP 40 will be added to each invoice receipt if the paid amount is between SYP 101 and SYP 500.
  • Stamps worth SYP 70 will be added to each invoice receipt if the paid amount is between SYP 501 and SYP 3000.
  • Stamps worth SYP 130 will be added to each invoice receipt if the paid amount is more than SYP 3000.

Package status

You can check your package status:

  • By creating an account on
  • By using USSD command *101#
  • By using the new SURF Modem program that you can download from: click here

What is SURF from Syriatel?

It is the 3.5G HSDPA Technology which allows you to access and surf the Internet with high-speed connection complied with the latest 3.5G Technologies.

What Are the Benefits of SURF?

  • High Speed internet
  • Wireless broadband Access to the internet at anytime and anywhere the 3.5G coverage is available; just Plug and Play the USB Modem on any laptop or PC

What Are the Requirements To Use SURF?

  • a SURF USB Modem connected to the laptop or Desktop PC
  • or an HSDPA Enabled Mobile Handset 
  • or an HSDPA Enabled Mobile Handset connected to the laptop / Desktop PC as a Modem 

Where are SURF Postpaid line available?

You can subscribe to SURF postpaid line by visiting one of Syriatel points of service in order to sign a contract, and present the required documents.

Syriatel offers a variety of packages designed to suit all the needs of internet users in Syria.

How do I settle my invoice?

You can always visit one of Syriatel points of service which are available all over Syria. Syriatel has also provided its customers with several payment methods that enable them to settle their invoices without the need to visit any point of service. These payment methods are:

Payment via Abili Fatora service:

This service enables you to settle your invoice or pay an advanced payment by visiting one of the authorized Syriatel dealers.

Direct debit service:

You can pay all your mobile bills by direct debit if you have an account at a bank that supports this service.

Payment via ATM service:

This service allows you to settle your postpaid line's bills anytime via the automated teller machines (ATM) of the Commercial Bank of Syria and Real Estate Bank available throughout Syria.

Payment via SMS Service:

This service enables you to settle your invoice through the Text Messages Service (SMS) if you have a bank account at the Commercial Bank of Syria.

How can I choose the best package for my internet usage?

You can do that by Data Calculator application as this application estimates your daily\monthly consumption of SURF 3.5G internet.

Whether your connection to the internet is through a computer or a smart phone, the application will be able to provide you with the estimated usage.

Please click the below link to try Data Calculator:

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