Joker Line


Joker Line is a product that includes both the postpaid line and Ya Hala prepaid card on the same number and SIM card, where Syriatel customers can migrate their postpaid lines (exclusively) to joker lines and then charge the same number with balance to benefit from the many features of the joker line.

When you choose the joker line, you will be able to:

  • Benefit from the special tariff for local minutes and SMSs as per the current tariff for postpaid lines, since the calls and SMSs are added to the monthly bill.
  • Use the balance you have on your line to activate the services and bundles/packages and to make international calls and roaming calls. 
  • Further control your line, since you will benefit from many features and services using the balance of the prepaid account.  
  • With the joker line there’s no need to pay the deposit amount when activating bundles/packages and services, such as the international calls and roaming.
  • For migration to Joker Line, send a free SMS including Joker to 3333

Migration Method:

Any postpaid line can be easily migrated to joker line for free by sending an empty SMS to 3333 where the line will be migrated to joker line on the same number and SIM card, without the need to visit Syriatel point of service.

As for Services and Bundles/Packages:

  • When migrating to the joker line, the remaining balance in the customer’s bundle/package will be kept and the customer has to reactivate the bundle/package.
  • When migrating to the joker line, all activated services will be deactivated and will be calculated only for the period in which the customer benefited from them, knowing that the customer has to reactivate the services.

Prices and Tariff:

  • With the joker line you will be charged for the local calls and SMSs the same as in the postpaid lines, and will benefit from the special tariff of the discount periods.
  • The monthly fee of joker line is the same as of postpaid lines.
  • International calls and SMSs will be calculated from the prepaid balance of joker line, and as per the normal tariff of Ya Hala card.
  • Activated services and bundles/packages will be calculated from the postpaid account of joker line, with no need to pay the deposit amount.

Paying Bills and Charging Balance Method:

  • Joker line customers can pay their bills through the regular paying methods of postpaid lines, as kiosks or Abili.
  • Joker line customers can charge their balance through Abili service.

Knowing that joker line customers can migrate their joker lines back to postpaid lines by sending (cancel) to 3333 for free.

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