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Procedures of Registering and Treating the Complaints of Syriatel Customers

In Syriatel, we do our best and make great efforts to achieve the best practices in mobile telecommunications sector, and we always work on bringing about the continuous improvement in line with the local regulatory requirements and the international standards. Therefore, we depend on ISO 10002 Complaints Management System to respond swiftly and appropriately to customer needs, as it achieves quality which we consider a strategic objective.

We realize that our customers have the right to apply any complaint, and in turn, we welcome all complaints. We believe that complaints are the best way to improve and develop our services, procedures and policies, which we work on to create the best customer experience.
We are so pleased to receive any complaint or an inquiry through the following communication channels:

Contact Center:

  • Free short code number 111 for postpaid customers.
  • Short code number 222 for prepaid customers at SYP 5 for the whole call.

Points of Service spread all over Syria, which you can check via our website:

Emailing Accounts:

Our official page of Facebook:

And, we work continually on increasing our channels of communication for the purpose of speeding up our response to any of their inquiries and complaints. Moreover, our operations include an annual or a semiannual surveys to measure the satisfaction of customers.

When the customer applies any complaint, a message will be delivered to him containing the ID number of the complaint and its type. After that, for obtaining necessary information only, the customer will be contacted. Then, the complaint will be followed up. At last, the customer will be informed accordingly about complaint’s final result.

We, in Syriatel, are committed to protect our customers, and solve their problems professionally and efficiently. Therefore, we are very keen on employing the well-trained and qualified human resources. Moreover, in order to guarantee quality, provide our employees with a year-round training programs.

Our customers satisfaction is a priority in Syriatel. We are happy to answer readily all inquiries via all communications channel. To achieve that, we periodically review the Complaints Management System, and all our employees are committed to this policy according to the role clear to each of us.

Mechanism of Compensation:

Syriatel is committed to compensate the customer for any malfunction or interruption of service which is caused by a breakage in its equipment or network, and it shall be responsible directly for compensation in accordance with the duration of the disruption or interruption, according to the procedures of Syriatel customers ‘complaints.