WhatsApp Bundle


Save more and active WhatsApp bundle which enables you to chat online, share photos and videos with your friends and family and all what you like at a low price.

The available bundles

Bundle typeVolumePriceSavingvalidity
WhatsApp50 MBSYP 35077%30 Days

How to activate / deactivate the bundle

Through dialing the free code *113#


  • When the bundle is used up, the cost of GPRS usage for WhatsApp will be calculated as SYP 0.90/30kb.
  • To inquire about bundle’s available balance, please dial the free short code *113# or visit My Syriatel.
  • Prepaid customers can benefit from this bundle for 30 days starting from the subscription date. 
  • Postpaid customers can benefit from this bundle from the subscription date till the end of their bill cycle.
  • Free GPRS Controller Feature, which enables you to restrict the usage of your internet to social bundles ‘WhatsApp - Telegram - Facebook & Instagram’, will be activated automatically noting that you can anytime activat/deactivate both ‘bundle & feature’ through dialing the free code *113#.
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