Surf Prepaid Military


Our Army is Our pride.. Syriatel presents monthly, Weekly, and daily SURF prepaid bundles and saving up to 85% for Arab Army, Police,

National Defense Forces, and Veterans;

SURF Military BundlesBundle VolumeExtra volume  Total VolumePriceSaving
Daily30 MB 30 MB 60 MB125 SYP82% 
Weekly250 MB 250 MB 500 MB800 SYP86% 

In addition to In addition to A bundle of minutes, SMSs and SURF:

MinutesSMSsSURF over 2GPricevalidity
100100250 MB750 SYPOne week
  • The minutes in the bundle is for dialling local calls.
  • The SMSs in the bundle is for local SMSs

With every monthly bundles, 100% extra volume and 200% extra SURF Night bundles 

 from 12 am till 6 am for 30 days


 Monthly bundles Extra volume SURF Night bundles Total Volume validity price
500 MB500 MB1 GB2 GB30 days2500 SYP
2 GB2 GB4 GB8 GB4000 SYP
4 GB4 GB8 GB16 GB6750 SYP

For activating dial *444# from your SURF card, or visit the nearest POS or Boutique to get SURF prepaid card or to modify your personal data to benefit from Syriatel Military offers.

To activate one of the bundles for the first time, please visit one of Syriatel POSs:

  • With: personal ID and one of the following documents (family book for the married, driving license, military or civil registry record, health insurance), for Arab Syrian Army Heroes.
  • With: police card and civil ID, for Police.
  • With: national defense card and personal ID, for National Defense Forces.
  • With: personal ID and military ID or any other document as a proof, for Veterans.

Syriatel.. Proudly Syrian 

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