Internet Bundles


You have more internet options with the new postpaid and prepaid internet bundles..

Daily BundlesWeekly BundlesMonthly Bundles
CategoryPriceSaving %CategoryPriceSaving %CategoryPriceSaving %
5 MB50 SYP67%40 MB325 SYP73%50 MB600 SYP60%
12 MB100 SYP72%70 MB550 SYP74%200 MB1500 SYP75%
25 MB200 SYP73% 
  • Postpaid lines customers can check their bundle usage by dialing the free code *113# or *101#
  • Prepaid cards customers can check the remaining balance by dialing the free code *113# or *100#
  • Daily bundles are valid till end of activation day, and are not automatically renewed.
  • Weekly bundles are valid for 7 days from the activation date, and are weekly automatically renewed.
  • Monthly bundles are valid for 30 days for Ya Hala cards and are automatically renewed in case there is enough balance, while they are valid till the end of bill cycle for postpaid lines and are automatically renewed at the beginning of each bill cycle.

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