Facebook & Instagram bundle


To stay connected with the friends and the beloved, to be acknowledged with the news on Facebook, to watch the greatest photos on Instagram…. Syriatel presents    ( Facebook & Instagram ) social bundle with a value of 50 MB and 350 SYP cost and only available for Syriatel postpaid lines and Ya Hala prepaid cards.

Available bundle:

Bundle NameVolumePriceSavingValidity
Facebook & Instagram50 MB350 SYP77%30 Days

How to activate / deactivate the bundle:

Through dialing the free code *113#


  • Postpaid lines can benefit from the bundle starting from activating date to the end of bill cycle, prepaid cards can benefit from it for 30 days from activating date.
  • To inquire about bundle’s available balance, please dial the free short code *113# or visit My Syriatel.
  • Free GPRS Controller Feature, which enables you to restrict the usage of your internet to social bundles ‘WhatsApp - Telegram - Facebook & Instagram’, will be activated automatically noting that you can anytime activate/deactivate both ‘bundle & feature’ through dialing the free code *113#.
  • Videos, GIFs and external links within Facebook and Instagram Apps will be charged according to the normal tariff for GPRS service which is 0.90 SYP for every 30 KB in case there is no GPRS bundle of free GPRS Controller Feature activated
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