ShababLink Brings Us Together

To be part of ShababLink students’ community that provides a lot of educational and entertaining services and features, activate ShababLink and download its app.


  • High school students
  • University teaching cadre
  • University students
  • Graduate studies students (master’s and diploma)
  • University staff
  • Ministry of Higher Education staff

To activate ShababLink, please visit the nearest Syriatel point of service or Syriatel Boutique with your personal ID and:

  • University ID (for university students)
  • Syndicate ID (for university professors)
  • Staff ID (for Ministry of Higher Education staff or universities staff)
  • Statement of marks of the previous year, educational sequence certificate, or statement of student status from the school (for high school students)

To get the most out of ShababLink features, you can download ShababLink app by dialing *555*4*2# and thus you will benefit from an electronic library, chatting, a full control of ShababLink services, attendance and exams schedules, and lectures for university students.

ShababLink users can communicate at a low cost as follows:

BeneficiariesThe discounted tarrif per min.
Between universities students and high school students in all governorates, and between the staff of Higher Education Sector: “Me & My Friends in all Universities” service10 SYP
Between the students and the staff of the same university, or between high school students in the same governorate: “Me & My Friends in our University” service8 SYP
Between the students and the staff of the same college, between the staff of the Ministry of Higher Education, or between students of the same grade in high school (10th grade/11th grade/12th grade): “Me & My Friends in our College” service6 SYP
  • My Friends List: Add five of your friends (beneficiaries from ShababLink) to this list to make calls at a cost of 4 SYP per minute, for 100 SYP for each number monthly.
  • My Favorite Number: Add your favorite friend’s number (beneficiary from ShababLink) to this list to make calls at a cost of 2 SYP per minute, for 300 SYP monthly.
  • A bundle of minutes, SMSs, and internet:
MinutesSMSsSURF Over 2GValidityPrice
3030200 MB5 days500 SYP



  • SURF Over 2G Packages:
    • When activating SURF Over 2G weekly package, the package will be doubled.
    • When activating one of SURF Over 2G monthly packages, the package will be tripled, in addition to SURF Night bundle.
PackageSURF Package VolumeNight package VolumeExtra VolumeTotal VolumePackage Price
Weekly250 MB 250 MB500 MB800 SYP
Monthly  500 MB1 GB500 MB2 GB2500 SYP
2 GB 4 GB2 GB8 GB4000 SYP 
4 GB8 GB4 GB16 GB7000 SYP
  • Monthly free RBT.
  • Two free services of your choice monthly.

You can activate ShababLink features as follows:

  • To download ShababLink app: dial *555*2*1#
  • To activate the bundle of minutes, SMSs, and internet: dial *555*1#
  • To add numbers to "My Friends List": dial *555*4*1#
  • To add a number to "My Favorite Number" list: dial *555*4*2#
  • To activate SURF Over 2G weekly package: dial *555*3*1#
  • To activate one of SURF Over 2G monthly packages: dial *555*3*2#
  • To choose a free RBT: dial *555*5*1*1#
  • To activate two free services of your choice: dial *555*5*1*2#

ShababLink Brings Us Together

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