With all pride.. Listing Syriatel shares in Damascus Securities Exchange

With all pride, we announce listing Syriatel shares in Damascus Securities Exchange in a discovery session on Thursday 10/01/2019, where any sale or transfer of securities ownership processes or any amendments to the shareholders' register will be made through Damascus Securities Exchange.

Despite years of war with terrorism, Syriatel Board of Directors decided to continue with its national and humanitarian duty and follow up with its investment in the network by substituting destroyed stations, developing the network technically and providing the Syrian citizen with the latest technology to reach the fourth generation despite the risks and difficulties that were faced by the company similar to every Syrian citizen.

This reflected positively on the company's results and allowed of dividend distribution sustainability to shareholders during the years of crisis, where 1870 SYP per share has been distributed since 2012 and till today.

Syriatel appreciates its shareholders' confidence and believes that their investment in its shares may be the best investment for them and form their ideal choice because it considers shareholders investments as a great responsibility to take care of it and provides all it can to increase their benefits by raising the return on equity and providing the possibility of trading their shares in a transparent manner, making their contribution to the company as a collateral of prosperous future, especially after receiving a 20-year renewable license to operate the cellular telephone network in Syria at the beginning of 2015.

Syriatel.. Syrian and proud.