Win the Millions

New surprises from Syriatel with "Win the Millions" competition.

You will win a gold worth million and a half SYP per week and seven million and a half SYP per month, through a draw supervised by the Arab Advertising Organization.

Method of Participation:

  • Send (yes) to 1133 to receive daily questions and answer them with the word (Yes) or (No).
  • To increase your chances of winning, we will send you daily questions from 1122 to answer them with a cost of 75 SYP per SMS.

Cost of participation:

  •  Participating in the competition is for 20 SYP daily, knowing that first three days is for free.• The SMS of answering questions of 1133 is for free.
  •  The SMS of answering questions of 1122 is for 75 SYP. 
  •  To know your balance send “balance” to 1133 for free


You can unsubscribe by sending "stop" to 1133 for free. Knowing that even after unsubscribing, the participant will maintain his/her points and chances of winning within the bill cycle in which he/she has sent an answer for one time at least.

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