The sixth Mass Wedding.. Celebration of our homeland

Syria is a story of love, struggle and defiance.

For the sixth time, Syriatel and Martyr Trust Foundation celebrated the largest mass wedding of more than 1100 young men and women from the martyrs’ families of the Syrian Arab Army and National Defence Forces.

The celebration was held on Friday 9/11/2018 in Lattakia Sports City with a distinguished presence of Syriatel friends, from media, artists, members of the People's Assembly, representatives of trade unions and popular organizations, and with media coverage by various national and Arab media outlets.

We are so proud that we continue to hold the responsibility with Martyr Trust Foundation through the initiatives of the Mass Wedding that we seek to be a national celebration.

This wedding is a continuation of what we have started as a token of loyalty to those who offered all they had to keep Syria a country of peace and security, and because we are keen to include more grooms at the wedding, so that we have increased the number of the brides and grooms - like all previous weddings - to be added to 1494 brides and grooms who preceded them in building strong families based on the values of love and tenderness.

This mass wedding is a part of Syriatel initiative which included 5 previous mass weddings:

  • 1st Mass Wedding: 120 young men and women – Lattakia – 09/10/2014
  • 2nd Mass Wedding: 100 young men and women – Lattakia – 05/08/2015
  • 3rd Mass Wedding: 120 young men and women – Lattakia – 08/09/2016
  • 4th Mass Wedding: 120 young men and women – Damascus – 6 & 7/02/2017
  • 5th Mass Wedding: 1034 young men and women –Lattakia – 1/12/2017


And thus the total number of brides & grooms in the Mass Wedding initiative “Together in Weal and Woe” is more than 2594.

Syriatel and Martyr Trust Foundation would like to thank all parties that helped and contributed to making this wedding a memorable occasion.


Martyrs’ Families are Our Responsibility

Syriatel.. Syrian and Proud