Syrian League competition

Method of Participation:

  • Send (1) to 1121 and answer the questions correctly to increase your chance of winning.
  • With first correct answer, you will get 500 points and increased gradually by 500 point for each correct answer afterward, noting that you will get 500 point as a gift when you subscribe for the first time.
  • Every time you send the word “League” or “win” to 1121, you get extra points and your chance to win in the weekly draw and the grand prize increased.

Cost of Participation

  • The SMS is for 35 SYP.


  • 15000 SYP through the daily draw.
  • Samsung device A8 through the weekly draw.
  • iPhone x is the grand prize to the highest points score in the end of the competition.

The draws are conducted under the supervision of the Arab Advertising Organization.


You can unsubscribe by sending "cancel" to 1121 for free.

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