RBT New Feature "Caller RBT"


With the new feature "Caller RBT" from RBT service, customer can now adjust the settings of the RBTs in his Music Box to listen to them while calling other numbers that have no RBT.


  • This feature can be applied on all Music Box RBTs, and can be set to more than one RBT (up to 50 RBTs).
  • RBTs can be specified for a certain number or a group of numbers.
  • The ability of controlling periods of playing the RBTs.
  • The ability of managing the feature so only the caller listens to the RBTs or both the caller and the called person.
  • A recorded RBT by the "Do It Yourself" feature can be set to be an RBT of "Caller RBT" feature.
  • RBTs can be listened to when calling any other mobile number (that has no RBT) and any land line.
  • When calling a mobile number that has an RBT, the customer will listen to this RBT.
  • Customer won't listen to his RBTs when calling an international number or calling during roaming.

Activation Method

RBT customers can activate the feature and adjust the settings by:

  • Dialing the free short code *633#
  • Visiting RBT website.
  • Calling 1666, as Syriatel DJ team is always ready for help.

To review methods of downloading an RBT click here


The tariff of activating the feature is 25 SYP monthly, and is automatically renewed.
The RBT cost is 35 SYP.
The tariff of calling 1666 is 50 SYP per call.

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