Mega competition 2

It is a competition that depends on culture, interesting questions, and its duration is 3 months.


Method of Participation:

  • Send (yes) to 1133 to subscribe.
  • Answer the questions you will daily receive from 1133, with the word (Yes) or (No).
  • To increase your chances of winning, we will send you daily questions from 1122 to answer them.

Method of Calculating the Points:

Points for answering questions of 1133:

Calculating points starts every day at midnight as follows:

Week Points
1st week3550 points
2nd week3650 points
3rd week3750 points
4th week3850 points
5th week3950 points

Points for answering questions of 1122:

1st question700 points
2nd question1400 points
3rd question2100 points
4th question2800 points
5th question3500 points
6th question4200 points
7th question4900 points

Wrong answers or empty SMSs will count for 20 points, knowing that the more points the participant collects, the bigger are his chances of winning.And the points will increase by 700 points for every question afterwards.

In addition to calculating extra points to special participants.

Cost of Participation

  • Participating in the competition is for 20 SYP daily, knowing that first three days is for free.
  • The SMS of answering questions of 1133 is for free.
  • The SMS of answering questions of 1122 is for 75 SYP.


  • Grand Prize: Residential apartment in Snaya Boulevard -Tartus in the final draw of the competition.
  • Gold prize worth of 1 million SYP weekly.
  • Gold prize worth of 3 million SYP monthly to the person with highest points.



You can unsubscribe by sending "stop" to 1133. Knowing that even after unsubscribing, the participant will maintain his points and chances of winning within the bill cycle in which he sent an answer for one time at least.


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