King of Guess Competition

A new competition to all Syriatel customers
Guess the results and events of local and international football matches and win valuable prizes.
Competition concept and how to subscribe:
(guessing and collecting points)

  1. Weekly Subscription at a cost of 200 SYP automatically renewed.
  • After Subscription, you can start guessing matches results to collect points as follows: 6 points for the right guessing, 3 points for guessing the difference between goals and one point for guessing the winning team.
  • The points are cleared every Thursday at 11:59 pm to start a new weekly cycle of collecting points.
  • The subscriber can add or modify any guessing of any match if the game does not start.
  • The match will be counted till the minute 120 if match time is extended.

Prizes  for weekly subscription:

Number of weekly  prizesPrizesDraw mechanism 
1PlayStation 4Random draw
1Mobile A9Highest points (king of guess)


  • There are three types of the bundles: 10,15,20 matches
  • Matches must be selected from the available matches list and guessing the winning team in it or draw status.
  • The bundles prizes are (10,000 SYP per each 10 right matches bundle, 25,000 SYP per each 15 right matches bundle, 50,000 SYP per each 20 right matches bundle)
  • The bundle validity is 7 days.

How to subscribe:

1- Add matches guessing to the bundle.
2- You can delete or edit the match guessing in the bundle before saving them.
3- To save the bundle:

  • The match should not have started or ended beforehand.
  • The number of games in the bundle should not be less than the total number of matches in this bundle.

4- The bundle is considered a winning bundle in case of guessing all the matches correctly.
5- The bundle is considered a losing bundle, if it is not saved even if the number of matches is equal to the total number of matches, and even if all the guessing are right.
6- You can’t guess any match in case the match date was after the end of bundle validity.
7- The guessing related to the bundles will be counted till the minute 90

You can download the app through:

  • Send "download" to 1550 from any Syriatel number and you receive a message containing the download link, then you can sign in after you entering the confirmation code.
  • Visit the competition website, knowing that the application is available on Syria store.

    Cancellation Method:

    You Cancel the competition through the application.

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