iPhone is yours

The prize of “iPhone is yours” competition is two iPhone devices weekly.

Method of participation and calculating the points:

Send iPhone to 1413 to subscribe, then you will receive questions as follows:

50 points - 25 points for each correct answerThe moment of  subscriptionFirst two questions
50  points for each correct answer10 AMMorning question
20 points for first question then it will increase by 10 points for the next questionsStarting After 10 AM till 10 PMDaily questions

Noting that every time you send the word iPhone by SMS, you get 100 extra points.

Cost of Participation

SMS to 1413 costs 50 SYP per SMS.


Two iPhone devices weekly

(iPhone 6S – iPhone 7 – iPhone 8 – iPhone X)


Send 0 to 1413


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