GOAL2 *147#

With Goal competition from Syriatel.. Start the challenge.. expect the matches of the European leagues and increase your chances to win many valuable immediate prizes

How to Participate?

To participate dial the free USSD code *147# from any Ya Hala prepaid, Surf prepaid.

The competition contains two types of questions: 

Expecting the game results

Participation Cost:

Participation in this competition is free, the cost will be considered when you submit the answer, knowing that the questions have different prices between SYP 15 and SYP 30.

Competition Prizes:

For the first time, you will have the opportunity to choose one of the below prizes:

  1. Local mobile minutes
  2. Local SMS
  3. Local MMS
  4. MB GPRS 
  5. MB Surf for 3G customer.

 How to Calculate The Prizes?

The winner of prediction question will have the opportunity to choose his prize  according to his prediction accuracy as it follows:

Perfect score Goal differenceTeam winner

15 local mobile minutes
45 SMSs
60 MB Surf

10 local mobile minutes
30 SMSs
40 MB Surf

5 local mobile minutes
15 SMSs
20 MB Surf

The right answers about the course of will give you the chance to choose between:

  • 5 local mobile minutes
  • 15 SMSs
  • 20 MMSs
  • 5 MB GPRS
  • 20 MB Surf

How to inquire the remaining balance from the prizes:

All Syriatel customers can dial *147*0# for free and inquire their remaining balance from Goal prizes.

How to stop receiving messages from the competition?

By dialing the free code *147# from any Syriatel line and choose the option unsubscribe.