Every day win

New surprises from Syriatel with " Every day win " competition
Daily gold worth of 250,000 SYP and a grand prize worth of 15,000,000 through lottery draws sponsored by the Arab Advertising organization.

Method of Participation:

  1. Send (yes) to 1133 to receive daily questions and answer them with the word (Yes) or (No).
  2. To increase your chances of winning, we will send you daily questions from 1122 to answer them with a cost of 75 SYP per SMS.

Cost of participation:

  • Participating in the competition is for 20 SYP daily, knowing that first three days is for free.
  • The SMS of answering questions of 1133 is for free.
  • The SMS of answering questions of 1122 is for 75 SYP.


You can unsubscribe by sending "stop" to 1133. Knowing that even after unsubscribing, the participant will maintain his points and chances of winning within the bill cycle in which he sent an answer for one time at least.