Cash with Basem competition- Second Season

More than 500 million SYP including 12 new car are the prizes of the second season of Cash with Stars competition during Ramadan.

Prizes drawing take place daily in the biggest competition program "Cash with Stars”, which will be broadcast on SAMA channel and Ninar iTV on iShow during Ramadan.

How to participate in the competition: Send “كاش” to 1000 from any Syriatel number and answer the questions to increase your chance of winning.

SMS cost 100 SYP.

The prizes: Games parts: Cash prizes starting from 100000 SYP and up to 500000 SYP.


Half million Syrian pound Draw: 3 drawing for participants in "Nazmi and Nazmya" puzzles and all the participants during the episode.

Million Syrian pound Draw:

3 drawing for participants who send the word كاش to 1000 during the day of the episode.

Car Draw:

Weekly drawing on 12 new Peugeot cars for participants who have exceeded 10 steps, either by answering questions correctly or by sending the word كاش to 1000  from any Syriatel number.

Calculating points:

• The participants gets 5000 points when sending the word كاش to 1000 from any Syriatel number.

• In case the answer is wrong, the participant gets half of the points.


The points as per questions:

QuestionCorrect pointsWrong points
4 20001000

How to cancel the participation:

Send 0  to 1000