News Services

Ninar News

Follow the world's most important news moment by moment and stay up to date with the latest local and international events with Ninar news service.

Manchette Service

The world newspapers’ most prominent headlines and daily political analyses of selected headlines by Nasser Kandil.

Sham FM News

With Sham FM News, all Syriatel customers will be provided directly with the latest international news and field developments with SMS’s or MMS’s.

Dampress news

“Dampress news” a new news service with the journalist Housien Mortada and Dampress news agency

SANA news

You can get the latest political, economical, sport, and various news and updates.

Top news by Mr. Naser Kandil

Syriatel has always collaborated with channels who seek professionalism, neutrality and objectivity in transmitting news, keeping away from deceiving or misleading their audience.

Sana MMS service

Get the latest news pictured political and various news through MMSs.

Car news service

Car news service enables All Syriatel customers to receive International and local car news on a daily basis, in text messages on their mobile handsets.

Flash NBN news

In cooperation with National Broadcast Network , Syriatel launched recently a new political News Service titled Flash NBN.

Aliqtisadi Magazine news

Aliqtisadi News Service enables you to get the latest Aliqtisadi magazine News on your mobile in Arabic.