Syria Store Application


Syria store, the Syrian store for mobile applications.

You can download and update all Syrian service applications, as well as get the latest updates to the most popular applications.

Syria store, an important step towards digital Syria and the advanced stages of automation. It Characterized by its easy access, safe use and privacy of personal information.

Syria store, is 100% of Syrian youth creativity which uploaded on Syrian network.


Services provided by Syria store:

For smart device users

  • Downloading all Syrian applications and offering them a wide spectrum of local services in various fields, in addition to the most important global application.
  • Permanent access to the store even in case of interruption of the global Internet service.
  • Syria store makes using Syrian applications easy through one account which is the user account on Syria store.  
  • Provide the highest standards of safety and privacy regarding the information and behaviour of users.


Benefits for developers, companies and service providers:

  • A platform that gathers all qualified Syrian energies and creates
  • Delivering their developed applications to all Syrians wherever they are
  • Activation of electronic commerce, which in turn will contribute to the revitalization of many government services as the Syrian Postal Service and thus support the national economy


Governmental entities:

  • Developing applications that meet and facilitate the access to the government services, support automation, e-government projects and connectivity with the private sector
  • Providing a channel for communication with Syrian citizens outside and inside the country and enabling them to carry out many activities and electronic transactions.


The full benefit of Syria store and its applications depends largely on the launch of electronic payment system in Syria, which will make it the first destination for all Syrians.


Syria store is from Rand in cooperation with the Ministry of Communications and Technology and Syriatel.

Version Publishing Date
Sunday, July 8, 2018

Download Methods

You can download Syria Store by visiting or by dialling *580#

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