‘AkrabElik’ Application


Through ‘AkrabElik’ app, Syriatel world is in your hands. 
‘AkrabElik’ is the do-it-yourself app. It is designed to give you full control to manage your numbers and services easily anywhere and anytime.


Through the app you can:

  • Easily control your numbers by managing the services & bundles activated on them, stay updated with your usage and balance, and view your latest bills too, in addition to managing more than one number.
  • Activate the offers and stay updated with Syriatel latest products, services, bundles, offers, news and events
  • Locate and identify the nearest Syriatel point of service, Syriatel boutiques, and sub dealers
  • Manage services lists like "Stop" (block incoming calls) and "Friends and Family", Reserve Credit Service, and reactivate gift balance.
  • Smoothly migrate between YaHala products, and reactivate your card when needed.
  • Send your inquiries, suggestions and complaints which are always welcome to participate in the continuous development process of our services and products.
  • Get information of your number, and update your Syriatel profile to be eligible for more offers and services in the future.
  • Send a number of free SMSs that are monthly renewed, via the application.
  • Smoothly migrate between postpaid line to joker and vice versa.
  • You can view most application services for free via Syriatel network.
  • Monitor the consumption of the balance or bill and the packages through a mini-screen (Widget) on the background of the mobile device.
  • Add Ya Hala 3la Kefak Service.

Enjoy all these services as well as others features through the app with its distinctive design and developed services.

The app is available 

Version Publishing Date
Monday, January 14, 2019

Download Methods
  • Android handsets:

- For downloading via Syria Store Link

- For direct downloading Link

Or dial the free short code *580#

QR Code
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Additional Information

  1. The app is available for Android - version 4.0 & above - and for IOS - version 7.1 and above.
  2. The app size is 20.12 MB for Android and 41.8 MB for IOS.
  3. The app is designed currently for smart mobile phones.
  4. For Android System: Please delete the old version before installing the new version
  5. For iOS System: Please follow the below instruction to install the application:
  • Click settings on the Home screen.
  • Click on general then device management.
  • Click on Trust “DON TELECOM SAL (OFF-SHORE)”
  • Click on Trust then Verified



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