Messages Services

Texting Through SURF

Send SMSs from your SURF number at a cost of 6 SYP per SMS.

Flash SMS

This service enables you to send an SMS flashing in the recipient’s mobile handset

SMS Collect

Keep communicating via SMS whatever your balance is. You are able to send local SMS at the expense of the recipient.

MMS Service

MMS is considered as a revolution in the messaging services, it enables you to send and receive Multimedia Messages (images, audio and video) to your friends and loved ones inside and outside Syria.

SMS Plus Services

This service enables Syriatel customers to control the SMSs

SMS/MMS to e-mail

You can send SMSs and MMSs to any e- mail address.

Voice SMS Service

Voice SMS service allows Syriatel customers to communicate through sending and receiving voice SMSs mixed with wonderful musical backgrounds.

Short Message Service (SMS)

This service enables you to send and receive a local and international messages through your mobile phone.