Internet and Data Services

Switching Between SURF Postpaid Packages

Syriatel offers postpaid SURF customers fast and easy ways to switch between SURF packages in the comfort of their homes.
GPRS service

GPRS service

With GPRS service your are able to stay connected to the internet and updated to your e- mail on your own phone anywhere and anytime.

GPRS Over 3G

This feature enables SURF users to browse the internet and benefit from their packages and balance in case they face a 3G coverage problem.

SCS Vouchers

Both postpaid and prepaid customers can get SCS vouchers or pay their SCS subscription invoices through SMS.
Push Email Service

Push Email Service

This service enables you to send and receive e- mail without the need to log into your e- mail account.

Fax Service

It enables postpaid customers to send and receive faxes on their mobile handsets, PC or laptops connected to their cell phones.