Information Services

Female’s Language

“Female’s language” is the new service that enables you to know more about her sphere, how She thinks, and how She expresses herself through hints which uncovers her way of thinking to communicate with her as a “female”.

Parents and Sons

The golden rules in dealing with your teenager son through “Parents and Sons” service

World Tech Service

“World Tech” service provides you with a content through SMSs to keep you updated with technology information.

Wonders of the World

The strangest stories and phenomena, which have happened in the world, are available in your hands when you subscribe to ‘Wonders of the World’ service.

Out & About Service

Syrian folklore.. Social, cultural and technological news.. Latest events and activities are in your hands when you subscribe to this service.

Animal’s World

A new service for nature’s affectionate, that touches the ambiguous world of the terrestrial and marine creatures.

Goal 24 USSD *180#

Now the European leagues news on your mobile.

Dream Service

“Dream” service provides you with dreams interpretations.

In Shape

When you subscribe to this service, you will get diet programs designed according to your body response by nutrition specialist Thawab Al Ghabra.

Horoscopes by Najlaa Kabani

This service provides you with a daily SMS about your zodiac sign by Najlaa Kabani.